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Phare @ Ringling Interntional Arts Festival

Phare’s Khmer Metal:

When: Oct 16, 2015 – Oct 18, 2015

Time: 2:00pm and 8:00pm

Where: Mertz Theatre

“One evening in a grungy Phnom Penh bar, owner Bang Son and his brother Chhaya reign over the bar’s regulars, watching as they look for adventure, passion and love in all the wrong places. A man is seduced away from his girlfriend by an alluring stranger. A waiter gets caught in an unexpected romance. A customer’s iPad is stolen and sold back to him. A mix of humour, drama, heart pounding live rock music and breathtaking acrobatics circus acts ‘Khmer Metal’ turns social convention on its head and gives the audience a glimpse of the wilder side of urban Cambodia.

The storyline, music and acts of ‘Khmer Metal’ were created in a unique collaborative process between international choreographers and Cambodian performers. The show presents a realistic, gritty, yet still upbeat view of present-day Cambodian life and the cast features nine Cambodian artists–six acrobats and three musicians. It is an opportunity for American audiences to see something completely different, a truly spectacular, rousing, energising, and sometimes surprising performance by a group of highly trained, talented artists.”

Festival Stage Production Tickets: $35, $30 / Ringling Members: $31.50, $27